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This is just amazing. Thank you so much.  You really are making a difference to people lives. I feel overwhelmed. 

I wasn't sure if I would have been eligible or not. Blown away and feel like it's a big hug in what has been a hard 12 months. 

Thank you

I am writing to let you know..... - Date Posted: 26/05/2019 - Click for more details »

I am writing to let you know.....

I am writing to let you know just how grateful I am for the assistance that the foundation has provided:

From the moment when your cheque arrived and enabled me to take GP Exercise Referral at Petroc College in Barnstaple, I have been inspired to spend my lifetime dedicated to using all my abilities to help those less able in North Devon.

At the course they also run a weekly 1hour Neuroactiv Referral Session (after our class time), a lot of members have had Strokes/have MS/Parkinsons and it’s been an excellent introduction into the world of rehabilitation. Many of the members have regressions they need to make due to weaknesses, but the spirit that they come to class with and the stamina that they maintain throughout has been eye-opening and I am humbled every time I go.

I really look forward to helping people improve the quality of their lives through (often quite small but quite significant) adjustments they can make to their activity levels.

A huge thank you to the Vivian Moon Foundation, your financial assistance was a pivotal moment and has changed my life.

"Keep up the good work!" - Date Posted: 22/10/2015 - Click for more details »

"Keep up the good work!"

I was awarded a grant by the Vivian Moon Foundation in 2014 in order to complete an NVQ Level 2 in Business and Administration. I would like to inform you that I completed the course earlier this year and I succeeded in getting a ward clerk job at NDDH. I would like to thank you from all my heart because, without your help, none of this would have been possible; you helped me change my life for the better and use dormant skills that I would have lost otherwise. Please let me know if I can give you feedback and let me assure you of my endless gratitude. Keep up the good work! Many thanks, MC

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Big Thankyou

Dear Vivian Moon Foundation

I would like to say a big thankyou! Thank you for the kind donation which Vivian Moon Foundation gave me to help towards achieving my Certificates in Hairdressing 2015/15.

The money helped alot towards buying my hair equipment and helping set up my Mobile Hairdressing.

The first year at Petroc College I achieved the certificate of Highly Commended for the Alice in Wonderland theme.

2nd year I won the first prize for 'Advent Garde' and also achieved a Highly Commended certificate at the end of year ball.

Many thanks again for helping me along the way

Kind Regards

Sonia Hills

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More Grants! - Date Posted: 14/10/2013 - Click for more details »

More Grants!

By September 2013 the Foundation has given out more than 1,750 grants to deserving individuals, totalling over £322,450

NDJ 3rd February, 2005 - Date Posted: 14/04/2011 - Click for more details »

NDJ 3rd February, 2005

THERE has been a change at the top of a North Devon trust fund which has helped more than 1,000 people develop their skills and further their education.
Braunton entrepreneur Vivian Moon has stepped down as chairman of the foundation he set up in 1988 “to put something back” into North Devon.
And his role has been taken over by vice-chairman Aubrey Loze, a well known figure in the business community.

Farewell to Vivian Moon - Date Posted: 14/04/2011 - Click for more details »

Farewell to Vivian Moon

Farewell to Vivian, 88, the classic 'local boy made good' benefactor
NORTH DEVON entrepreneur Vivian Moon, who helped build Webbers Estate Agents into a multi-million-pound business, died on Friday 30th April 2010, at the age of 88.

He was a classic case of "local boy made good."

Born into a loving but poor Braunton family, he rose to become president of Webbers with his name recognised both nationally and internationally.

Many words could be used to describe him — businessman, benefactor, bon viveur, proud Brauntonian — to mention a few.

Although he always lived life to the full he was careful never to forget his roots beginning his education at Braunton School, and then winning a scholarship to Ilfracombe Grammar School.

He was well known as a benefactor of numerous good causes and appeals, particularly relating to education.

Amongst his legacies were the Vivian Moon Community Centre, the Vivian Moon Athletics Stand and the Pathfinder Centre in Braunton. Together with the North Devon Manufacturers Association he put a substantial amount of his own money to form the Vivian Moon Foundation.

His family moved from Church Street to Hills View in Braunton when Vivian was five. Vivian's name will always be inextricably linked with the fortunes of Webbers. He joined Charles Webber as an apprentice articled auctioneer in 1938, just short of his 16th birthday but as he left for training in Wakefield with the 181st Royal Artillery Field Regiment he was reassured that there would always be a job for him back at Webbers.

He returned to North Devon for a brief period of leave, before joining E Troop of the 181st RA Field Regiment 15th Scottish Lowland Division, as they prepared to embark for the Normandy invasion and landed at Arramanches, northern France, as part of an advance party for his gun battery. Fighting was heavy as pockets of German resistance continued the struggle and Vivian, who was eventually put in charge of 19 other men, moved up through France, Belgium and Holland.

Having liberated the Dutch town of Tilburg, Vivian and what was left of his team advanced for the Rhine crossing. While in a jeep at the edge of a village near Helmond — later twinned with Barnstaple Rotary Club — a Tiger tank suddenly loomed in front of him. A volley from the tank blew the jeep into the air and Vivian was thrown clear, but suffered a badly damaged hip. He and two other Royal Scots then managed to crawl to a windmill, where they hid for three days and nights, waiting for reinforcements to arrive.

Hospitalised after an operation in Eindhoven, Brussels and Amiens in France, Vivian awaited discharge home. A German counter attack forced the Allies to leave the hospital so a partly recovered Vivian hitched a lift with Army vehicles and re-joined his regiment when they crossed the River Elbe. When fighting concluded, there were only four of his team left alive, including himself. After the war Vivian returned to Webbers and picked up where he had left off.
Vivian was asked by the County Sheriff for Devon to become his officer and bailiff for the north of the county. This was a prestigious position, which Vivian held for 35 years. Not only did it ensure regular income, it also helped foster fresh contacts in the property and auction trade.

In 1954 Kay gave birth to their son, Ross, who would later accompany his father on various trips around the world, as well as supporting him in his charitable works.

Closer to home, Vivian was recognised as a supporter of all things North Devon. He belonged to a number of key local organisations to which he gave donations, allowing them to prosper.

His "good works" began early, with strong support for the Royal British Legion's Braunton branch when it was re-formed in 1946. Initially secretary, he held virtually every office in the branch at some stage, eventually rising to the position of president.

He was also the only native Brauntonian to be made president of Barnstaple Rotary Club. He became an honorary member of both Braunton and Barnstaple Rotary Clubs and was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship, the highest award in Rotary circles.

He was involved in many other organisations; he was president of Braunton Sea Scouts, a governor of the RNLI, a past governor of Braunton Community College, and vice-president of Saunton Surf Life Saving Club.

In the late 1980s when the North Devon Hospice was looking for a new home Vivian and Graham Harrison decided to sell their Webber’s head office, Deer Park, to the Hospice for a fraction of the market price. Vivian was always keenly interested in the work of the Hospice and for many years paid for a huge Christmas lunch for patients and staff.

In 1998, to mark 50 years with Webbers, he launched the Vivian Moon Foundation covering the North Devon and Torridge council areas, which gives grants and donations to help people further their careers. Today you are looking at the result of his legacy which has helped thousands of people.

Many organisations in Braunton have been helped by the Vivian Moon Braunton Community Trust Fund. The Trust is another permanent reminder of his generosity to his village, as is Braunton Community Centre, North Devon Athletics Stand and the North Devon Pathfinder Trust.

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Helping People Achieve their Goals

One man's vision 25 years ago to help others has seen well over a thousand dreams come true.In fact, the Vivian Moon Foundation is such a success story it has far exceeded its founder's expectations.

Since its inception grants totalling £64,000 have been awarded to deserving causes.

And that has given 1,460 people access to better education and training, and in many cases, a vital boost in starting their own business.

Indeed, without the foundation's support, some would have found it difficult or even impossible to reach their goals.

Braunton entrepreneur and chairman of Webber's Property Services Vivian Moon launched the trust fund with £100,000 of his own money.

He explained: "I wanted to put something back to celebrate my 50th anniversary with Webbers which has now lasted 69 years.

"I have been supported by a terrific chairman Aubrey Loze and a wonderfully dedicated board of governors. This has become a most fantastic thing. It is beyond any dream I ever had."

With the help of the Barnstaple Bridge Trust - the sole outside contributor - together with wise investment, the fund has enabled local people to access resources which have not only benefited themselves but have enriched the North Devon economy.

Mr Moon said: "The aim originally was purely and simply to help people get further than they would have done (without the foundation's support).

"We enjoy it immensely because we feel we are giving something entirely worthwhile to people who deserve it."

The foundation helps those with connections to North Devon and who are likely to continue working in the area to improve the local economy.

There is no shortage of applications and each one is carefully scrutinised before a decision is made. But a boost to the fund would enable more people to be helped.

With no outside support apart from the Bridge Trust, it desperately needs donations and legacies to enable it to expand the good work.

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